some of our Case Studies

Phenomenal Success for Carddine through Organic SEO

Carddine Home Resort Products has been a leading brand from the USA that is busily engaged in transforming backyards of every modern home into private resorts for 25 years. The company has a large number of products that demanded careful attention of the buyers from San Diego, San Marcos, and Tem....

Achieved Tremendous Response with Our SEO Efforts

Renowned as leading Google Chrome, Oaxray served the purpose of finding the outcome of search engine performance for a retailer website. It brings coded spreadsheet on one single click that has information on ROI, Sales rank, and many more statistics that a retailer is always interested to find ....


Luigui Bleand is a singer from Santo Domingo. Usually, a Spanish singer, Bleand created a Spanish music video “Te Freno.’ With a large number of fans in the Dominican Republic, Luigui wanted us to promote the video on Facebook and YouTube.


  1. Luigui wanted to....

IIT-JEE/NEET Institute in Howrah Kolkata

Very Popular in Kota in Rajasthan, Motion Howrah wanted to grab the attention of as many students and their parents as possible in Howrah and Kolkata. The Institute has been very successful in providing quality education for IIT JEE and NEET admissions. The client also wanted to create strong bra....

Fontaine Vocal Coach Green Bay-Massive Results Within A Couple of Months

Dedicated to providing music lessons across at Green Bay, the client had severe problems in reaching the target audience. He spent large sums of money in a short span of time, but in vain.


The client wanted to reach potential music lovers or music organizations....

Superb Planning Paid Rich Dividend to Quadview Productions

Based in Riverina in NSW, Australia, Quadview Productions was a provider of aerial photography services. With latest technology of drones, the company wanted to create a new and fruitful business domain for itself in and around Riverina, NSW.


The website had a ....

Yours Truly Chocolate-A Real Success Story

It was a project of a rare kind. The manufacturer and marketer of the best quality of chocolates faced a tremendous amount of problem when it tried to reach potential customers from all over Adelaide and surrounding areas.


The website had some serious issues th....

Ace Designs – An Amazing Project

Ace Designs is a leading online shopping store that deals in high-quality clothing for everyone. Like any other online store, Ace Designs also wanted to reach a bigger audience to earn more revenue in the end. However, Elagoon Digital found the task reasonably challenging as the website had some ....

Mobile Windscreen Repair – The Juice of Our Hard Work

This New Zealand based company was looking for a solid ground to launch its windscreen repair and replacement business. Though it had a website, it was loaded with serious technical issues that prevented the client from getting the desired output.


Among the top....

Garage Doors Online – Project That Showed Amazing Results

Garage Doors Online is based in Victoria in Australia. Though its best efforts, the client was unable to reach the target of business. It was becoming an expensive affair for the client. He was even thinking about shutting down the business.


While we undertook ....