Case Studies


Luigui Bleand is a singer from Santo Domingo. Usually, a Spanish singer, Bleand created a Spanish music video “Te Freno.’ With a large number of fans in the Dominican Republic, Luigui wanted us to promote the video on Facebook and YouTube.


  1. Luigui wanted to promote the music video in the Dominican Republic along with the entire Latin America.
  2. The video has a few sequences that are unacceptable to Google AdWords. Virtually, it was difficult task to fulfill the expectation of the client using Google AdWords video promotion.
  3. Reach more and more people in the targeted area.

What We Did/Result:

Virtually, we started from scratch as the video had no fan following or likes on the preferred platforms Luigui wanted to target. We started working on the project in December 2016. Within one and a half month’s time, the video has gained phenomenal popularity with more than 125K views on Facebook. On the other hand, the success continues on YouTube too as it has been viewed by more than 316K viewers, mostly from the targeted area of the Dominican Republic and Latin America.